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Easiest way to earn commission from people that you bring to the platform.

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How The Affiliate Program Works?

1 Get your unique link
Register to become a Partner, and you'll receive a unique referral link that tracks the number of people who clicked on it and then signed up.
2 Share your link
Refer to friends, clients, and followers and they'll receive 10% additional discount upon signing up.
3 Earn commission
Upon your referrals subscription renewal every month, you'll be eligible for a 30% recurring payment for life.

Share our pre-built marketing materials.

It's easy to promote Veecard - we give you the best social media posts, emails, and marketing materials that have been proven to convert.

Give your referrals 10% discount when they buy a plan.

Offer your audience an exclusive deal that is not accessible to the public. By signing up through your referral, they will receive an additional 10% discount when the buy a plan whithin the first 4 days after signing up.

Affiliate bonus discount

Earn 30% recurring monthly income for a lifetime.

If a person clicks on your link and registers within a month, we will give you a PayPal payment for 30% commission every time they renew their subscription. Your earnings per customer will vary between $9 to $299 per month, depending on their subscription plan, and you will receive this commission for the entire duration of their subscription.

Veecard Partners

Who should become an affiliate partner?

Entrepreneurs with complimentary offers
Do you have products or services that complement each other in your business? Great news!
Influencers and Professional Affiliate Marketers
Are you an influencer or a professional affiliate marketer who promotes products through content or ads? We have a swipe copy available for you.
Agencies, freelancers, and consultants
Help your clients to create engaging content quickly and enjoy monthly recurring revenue.

Elevate your residual earnings by referring Veecard

Whenever your acquaintances, supporters, or customers sign up through your referral link, they'll receive an additional 10% discount, and you'll earn a 30% commission for the rest of your life.

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Frequesntly Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can earn as an affiliate?

No, there isn't! Let's consider some goals to give you an idea of the potential. According to national statistics, the average revenue per user is $79 per month. As an affiliate, you'll receive a 30% recurring commission for life. This means your earning potential is significant.

  • 1 referral = $24 per month
  • 5 referrals = $120 per month
  • 10 referrals = $240 per month
  • 25 referrals = $576 per month
  • 100 referrals = $2,400 per month
  • 250 referrals = $6,000 per month
  • 1,000 referrals = $24,000 per month

What's the cost of Veecard?'s cost starts at $49.00 per month and includes unlimited generated words. The pricing increases as more team members are added or other custom pricings.

Can I sign up on behalf my clients via my own referral link?

It is a good idea to ask your clients for their referral links and sign up on their computers. Add you as a colleague to their workspace.

You will not be paid commissions if you have an existing account and sign up using your referral link on the same device. This is to stop affiliates from signing up for a discount.

Is your client signed up already without your affiliate link? Send an email to [email protected] asking for you to be added manually as the referring associate and giving them 10% disount upon signing up. Please include their email and name so that we can find them in our system.

When will I get paid?

All of the following conditions must hold:

  • Net-30
  • Commission due must exceed $100
  • Fist week of the month
All commissions below $100 are paid within the first week. We also pay any sign-ups made at least 30 business days prior.

How long does a referral cookie last?

The lifetime of the referral cookie is 30 days. The conversion will not be tracked if the user buys the product after 30 days.

Is it possible to sign up with my own referral link?

No. Referral programs are designed to encourage ambassadors and affiliates to spread the word about our products, not to offer discounts. Your affiliate account and user account will be terminated if you try to claim credit for your purchase.

Are there any restrictions on how I market

Affiliate marketing should be about authentic referrals to people who know you. You'll have access to a marketing file containing official videos, emails, and social posts to share when you become an affiliate partner.
You must not pretend to be or trick others into believing your company is If you do, you will be sent a cease-and-desist letter and banned from the partnership program.