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QR Codes

How to create a QR code

QR codes are a fast and efficient way to store and share information. With the help of a QR code builder like, you can quickly and easily create custom QR codes with 13 built-in templates.

QR codes can store and share various data types, such as website links, contact information, etc. They are a great way to deliver information quickly to customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

With‘s QR code builder, you can customize your QR codes with logos, colors, and text, creating a unique code that will stand out. QR codes are a handy tool for businesses.

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In this article we walk you through creating your QR code in

  • From your dashboard, click the “QR Codes” tab on the left menu.
  • Next, you are in the QR Codes dashboard, where you can see the following:
    • List of your created QR codes
    • Export in CSV and JSON format
    • Filter and search for created QR codes.
  • Now Click on the +Create QR button on the top right corner of your QR code dashboard.
  • Here you see a few fields to be completed and a QR code canvas on your right that reflects the changes you make while completing the fields. So let’s complete the fields together:
  • The first field is where you enter the name of your QR code.
  • Next, select the project you want to manage this QR code under. (Optional).
  • Next, choose‘s pre-built service types from the drop-down menu and fill in the associated fields to the selected QR code type. created 13 QR types for you to choose from.

Edit Your QR Code‘s QR code builder allows you to modify, customize, and change the appearance of your QR code before it while it is being created. Let’s walk through the process.


Most people are used to QR Codes appearing in black and white. However,’s color editing feature allows you to change the colors in many ways.

  • You can choose the shape you want your code to look like with the “Style” tab. You have the option to choose from square, round, or dot.
  • You have the option to display your ” Background Type” either as a ” Gradient“, or ” Color“. Each has its unique capabilities.

If you choose Gradient:

  • Choose from five options to set the Foreground Style
  • You can also set the First and Second colors for the Foreground.
  • To change the inner Color of your QR code, use the ” First Color” option.
  • To change the outer Color of your QR code, use the ” Foreground 2nd Color“.

Select “Color” for your “Front Type“.

You only need to set your Background Color.

You can also adjust your ” Background Color” or ” Background Color Transparency“.

You can also change the Color of your QR Code eyes.

  • The ” Inner Color” can be set. This will change the Color of your QR Code’s square box.
  • To change the Color of the outer boxes, set the ” eyes Outer Color“.


You can find the Branding tab’s functionalities if you want more from your QR Code. This tab allows you to add your logo to your code. This is how you do it:

  • Click on Choose File to upload a file. We accept JPG, JPEG, and PNG file formats.
  • You can always adjust the size of your logo by moving up or down on the ” Size” slider.


You can make technical changes to your QR code using the options bar. For example, this tool allows you to:

  • Adjust the pixel quality of the QR Code by changing the value.
  • So set the Margin size of your choice to reflect the space between the code and its borders.
  • Set the Error Correcting Capability in your code. This allows you to restore data if your code is damaged or corrupted. There are four levels of correction available.

Keep in mind, however, that increasing error correction levels improve their effectiveness and increase the data QR Code size.

Once satisfied with your QR design, click the Update button to save your work. After creating your QR code, you can print or download a copy.

You can download the file in SVG, JPG, PNG, and WEBP formats.

Updated on 28 September, 2023